Vacationing with Your Dog

Through the years, I’ve done a lot of traveling. As the co-author of over 30 travel guidebooks, my husband and I put in thousands of miles traveling on assignment everywhere from Morocco to Malaysia, Borneo to Belize. Our last passports were sent back to the Department of State three times for additional pages as we hopped from place to place, hotel to hotel, working on our guidebooks.

And never once did we pee on the carpet of a hotel room.

However, that’s not always the case in our travel these days. While we personally might not be a risk to the rugs, our two travel companions can get a little excited in a new destination. Now that we specialize in dog travel and often broadcast our Dog Travel Experts radio show on the road, our 70-pound dogs Irie and Tiki accompany us whenever possible.

Although their housetraining is flawless at home, in a new location (which may carry scents from previous four-legged guests) we have to keep a careful eye on both dogs. Fortunately we have very little cause for worry but, in those rare instances when a dog mess might occur, we’re ready thanks to packing and preplanning.

One item we always carry is Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator Wipes. These take up no room in the suitcase, we don’t have to worry about leaking liquids, and, most importantly, they do the job. Hefty hotel pet deposit fees mean that we make sure to leave the room in as good, if not better, shape than we found it!

The Rug Doctor Spot & Stain Wipes are always in our bag as well, ready to clean up muddy paw prints (especially important when we’re traveling anywhere near water!) The wipes are also excellent for cleaning vomit stains if a dog has experienced carsickness.

One way we prevent messes, though, is to always travel with our dogs’ food. It does take up some room in the luggage but the trade-off is well worth it. No one wants an upset tummy on the road!

A little pre-trip planning can also buy peace of mind on a trip (and that’s the whole point of a vacation after all, right?) We take the time to research emergency care facilities before a trip, making an online search for veterinary clinics (including emergency clinics for off hours) at the destination. We always recommend that travelers also have a contact for a pet sitter or boarding facility at your destination in case you should fall ill on your trip.

dogtipper.comA pre-trip talk with your veterinarian is also a good idea to learn whether you need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and any other paperwork required by your destination.  If your dog isn’t already microchipped, your veterinarian can chip your dog (a quick and easy process) and you can register the microchip number to identify your dog if he should become lost.

We also love the new GPS trackers for your dog’s collar that will help you locate him using your smartphone. An ID tag with your cell number and the number of your hotel is also extremely helpful.

We love traveling with our dogs and they get excited whenever they see their car harnesses come out. Vacationing with your dog is a great way to explore a destination, unleashing fun for both you and your dog!

About the Author: Paris Permenter, with her husband John Bigley, is the author of over 30 travel guidebooks including the upcoming Texas with Dogs and is the publisher of and A certified dog trainer, Paris hosts the weekly DogTipper’s Dog Travel Experts radio show on Radio Pet Lady Network.


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