Tips for Holiday Entertaining

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas at our finger tips, we could all use a few suggestions to spice up the holidays and for entertaining our guests.

  • Send out invitations early – People’s calendars will fill up quickly around the holidays, so be sure to send out invitations plenty of time in advance for any happenings you’re hosting.
  • Decorate the outside of your house for a grand entrance - Your guests’ holiday experience begins the second they arrive.  Christmas lights, greenery and other holiday decorations are sure to catch your guests’ eye as soon as they pull into your driveway and help get them in the holiday spirit.
  • Rearrange furniture - Wherever you expect guests to migrate, move furniture to allow more space for guests to sit or stand and socialize. Also, don’t forget to ensure you have enough chairs for everyone.
  • Serve food throughout the evening - If you serve a heavy meal at the beginning of the evening, guests will eat quickly and everyone will end up full and sleepy. I think it’s better to serve small courses throughout the night to have a variety of choices for your guests and keep everyone lively.
  • Refill platters and keep foods at the right temperatures - Keep in mind you don’t want food such as shrimp, for example, sitting out all night. Make sure you have something to keep foods at their right temperatures, or make a habit of heating up food or switching platters out periodically. This will keep the food fresh and guests coming back for more.
  • Wait to do the dishes until after your guests have left or gone to bed - No one likes a host who rushes to do the dishes immediately after dinner and disappears for the whole night.  As the host, you should be able to enjoy the party, too. The dishes can wait.
  • Make a list of things where guests can help – You may have some holiday helpers at your party who want to lend a hand. Having a list of go-to items, such as setting out silverware or ensuring you are well stocked of ice will help you easily allocate tasks for those who want to help.

These tips seem simple but they are sure to make your holiday party a memorable event.

For more tips, don’t forget to contact the Rug Doctor Holiday Hotline.  Customer service representatives are available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT at 1-800-Rug Doctor now through Feb. 1 to help customers with any carpet or upholstery cleaning emergencies throughout the holiday season. We also have Party Clean Up: Before, During and After and Preparing for Holiday Houseguests tips sheets that can help you find additional pointers.


Lauren McCann is the Rental Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Rug Doctor

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