Rug Doctor Celebrates New Pal, Aidan

Aidan and SteamyLots of folks appreciate the value in our products, but few enjoy our mascot, Steamy, and the Rug Doctor machines as whole-heartedly as our new pal, Aidan.

Aidan is a fun-loving and spirited little boy who has a passion for life and for others. We’re happy to say Aidan recently was able to visit the Rug Doctor facility in Fenton, where he was greeted by the inflatable version of Steamy. We enjoyed a fun day with this amazing young man, and his smile is one our Rug Doctor staff will not soon forget.

When asked how he got interested in Rug Doctor, Aidan did not miss a beat in letting us know.

“I was looking for a shampooer that was the best,” Aidan told us.

When we asked how he knew Rug Doctor was the best, his grandma chimed in to let us know he did his research by reading reviews and comparing machines. Not to our surprise, Rug Doctor came up as the most reputable.

Our new friend recently celebrated his 9th birthday with a Rug Doctor party, during which he received his very own Rug Doctor machine as a gift. He only uses water in it, but from what we hear, Aidan shows off his cleaning skills as often as he can!


Aidan currently lives in Edgewood, Iowa, with his grandparents. Born with several medical complications, Aidan has spent much of his life hospitalized. He has overcome many obstacles, and with the help of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, he recently received a new pair of lungs. He is supported by his friends at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, caring teachers and members of his family, while also keeping busy with as many activities as he can, including cleaning with Rug Doctor.

We’re glad you came to visit us, Aidan. Come see us again soon!

Lauren McCann is the Rental Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Rug Doctor.




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