How to Eliminate Urine stains

If you are the owner of a pet, you know that they are prone to having accidents on occasion. Whether you have a beloved cat, dog or other animal living inside your home, chances are good that it will urinate on your carpet, bed, couch or other piece of furniture on occasion. To make matters worse, once a pet urinates in one area, it tends to return to that same area in order to urinate over and over again. While this is a very frustrating situation, the good news is that Rug Doctor offers products that will help remove the stains and odor that is left behind after the animal urinates in your home.

To help make the process of eliminating urine stains as simple as possible, you have two different Rug Doctor products to select from. One of these products is the Urine Eliminator Wipes, which features the Rug Doctor EverFresh technology. With the help of this technology, urine and other organic odors and stains are can be quickly and easily eliminated from carpets, mattresses, upholstery and even pet beds with a simple wipe. Each six by nine inch wipe is pre-moistened, which means you don’t have to worry about spraying the area down or measuring anything out in order to eliminate urine stains and odor with the wipes.

Rug Doctor also has a Urine Eliminator spray, which can also be used on carpets, mattresses and upholstery. The spray, which is safe for humans and pets, can even be used on color-safe fabrics. Since the spray is specifically formulated to eliminate urine stains and odors, you can be certain the enzymes in the formula will actually seek out the odor and stain at its source. Rather than simply masking the odor and covering up the stain, the urine stain will be completely eliminated. Not only will this freshen your home, but eliminating the stain completely will also prevent your pet from urinating in that area again.

Learn about Rug Doctor’s Urine eliminator products!

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