How to Clean Hard Surfaces with the Floor Doctor

While Rug Doctor is known for its carpet cleaning machines, you can also trust the company to help you with your hard surface floor cleaning needs. In fact, with the help of the Floor Doctor, you can clean virtually any hard floor. All you need to do to get exceptional results is follow these simple steps:

• Step 1: Sweep the area in order to remove any loose dirt and other debris.

• Step 2: Connect the Floor Doctor to your carpet cleaning machine by connecting the 12’ hose to the Universal Hand Tool slot.

• Step 3: Mix ¼ to ½ cup of Rug Doctor Oxy-Steam per gallon of hot water and use it to fill the lower tank of the machine.

• Step 4: Put the tank back in place, making sure the tank is sealed and the retaining wire is properly in place.

• Step 5: Plug in the machine and turn it on by pressing the ON switch for the Upholstery/Hand Tool Cleaning component of the machine.

• Step 6: Move the Floor Doctor back and forth while squeezing the trigger to release the cleaning solution. Be sure to keep the tool head parallel to the floor while applying slight pressure. If cleaning a tile floor, move the tool at an angle to the grout lines in order to achieve the best results.

• Step 7: When done cleaning, turn the machine OFF. Drain and clean the machine and squeeze the trigger of the Floor Doctor in order to remove excess liquid before putting the machine and component away.

With the help of Rug Doctor, you can keep all of your floor surfaces cleans. Whether you are cleaning your carpet or you need to clean hard surfaces, Rug Doctor has you covered.

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