Guest Blog – Kelli Stuart: Gearing up for some epic Thanksgiving cleaning

Thanksgiving Cleaning

Get Thanksgiving-ready with Rug Doctor!

For the past three years, my husband and I have hosted Thanksgiving in our home for both immediate and extended family. This year, as we gear up for the holiday of great food, it is shaping up to be an epic celebration.

And I am gearing up for some epic cleaning.

We’re expecting anywhere from 25-35 people this year, with more than half of those being of the child variety. Just as an FYI – that many (small) people can make quite the mess.

Most of the family comes only for the day, but some will stay with us for the weekend, so this requires both pre-cleaning AND post-cleaning. I have a system when I have to do this type of intensive cleaning (because let’s face it, my house is never as clean as it is right before and right after a party). Pre-cleaning involves a lot of focus on bathrooms and on the couches, cushions and chairs that people will sit on.

I don’t really focus on the floors in pre-cleaning, because nobody notices, and they’re going to get twice as dirty when kids run in and out of the house 452 times, so floors are left for post-cleaning. This system works for me.

I have three children and one dog. Between them, this house can, at times, take on a scent that is, shall we say…less than appealing. There are nighttime accidents that leave mattresses smelling like urine, the dog loses her ever loving mind and decides to roll in a pile of her own excrement, then jump up on the couch and snuggle deep, mud puddles are jumped in and shoes forget to be removed, and on and on the list could go.

A mom can’t keep up with that craziness every single day. This is why the party pre-cleaning is crucial. This is also why my Rug Doctor has become a valuable tool in the pre-cleaning phase.

Nobody wants her family and neighbors sitting on a couch that smells of dog excrement, or sleeping on a mattress that reeks of urine, so the Rug Doctor is the handy tool of choice to make my house look and smell fresh and clean.

You hear what I’m telling you, right? The Rug Doctor lets me give off the impression that I’m one of those people whose house always smells of lavender and cleanliness and it all seems so flawless. When you use The Rug Doctor in your pre-cleaning phase, visitors marvel at how fresh and crisp you keep your decor, and you nod with a serene smile while offering them an ice cold sweet tea. You’ll murmur delicately that it’s your joy to work inside the home and a fresh house brings life and happiness.

The Rug Doctor makes you look like Martha Stewart, and takes the stress out of preparing to host a gathering, small or large.

This is especially rewarding if you share your home with furry animals. Even better, Rug Doctor paired with the ASPCA in an effort to raise funds and awareness. From now until December 31, for each purchase of Rug Doctor’s Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner or Urine Eliminator, $1 goes toward the ASPCA, up to $100,000. So your pre-cleaning now serves two purposes: Making you look awesome and protecting animals. Sounds like a win-win.

Are you hosting a gathering for the holidays? Do you have tips and tricks for best maximizing your time and minimizing your stress as your prepare? Do share!


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  1. Omer Mustafa December 13, 2013 at 6:55 am #

    Hey I got a perfect article on right time :-) I m going to host Christmas party and very excited about this but was little worried about after party cleaning, but now free from all my worries. Going to rock on :-)

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