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7 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Your Carpets

Carpets are germ hotspots Carpets are perfect places for germs to live.  In fact, according to Men’s Health, your carpet can be 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat — gross! Philip Tierno Jr., Ph.D., a microbiologist and immunologist at New York University Langone Medical Center and the author of The Secret Life of Germs, indicates […]

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Spring Allergens: How Rug Doctor Can Help

Spring is finally upon us and while we get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, we also need to combat spring allergens so we can enjoy all the wonders of the season. Many families love spending time outside enjoying the new warmer weather, but it’s easy for some to get bogged […]

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Controlling Fall Allergens

The fall is a busy time of year. Whether you have been enjoying the (hopefully) cooler weather by spending more time outdoors or letting in the breeze through open windows, the fall can be a rough time of year if you have allergies. While Rug Doctor machines and products can’t eliminate fall’s allergens everywhere, they […]

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Cleaning Tip: Removing Fall Allergy Triggers from your Home

We can hopefully say goodbye to outdoor allergies for a while, but the cooler weather may not give any relief to allergy sufferers. Indoor allergy season is on the way and this fall, Rug Doctor wants to help relieve you and your family. So read on for some tips on removing fall allergy triggers from […]

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Common Summer Allergens and How to Combat Triggers in Your Home

The first day of summer is officially here. While spending time outdoors enjoying the warmer weather is great, for many, it marks another allergy season. Itchy, runny noses, watery eyes and sneezing are not welcome visitors when one is trying to enjoy summer. Luckily, Rug Doctor’s machines and carpet cleaning formulas can help to remove […]

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Cleaning Tips: Removing Allergy Triggers from your Home

Spring is never an easy season for those of us living with allergies, and we’re not alone. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), an estimated 50 million Americans suffer from various allergies. Thankfully, Rug Doctor’s machines and formulas help encapsulate allergy triggers such as pollen, pet dander and dust mite allergens […]

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Rug Doctor Saves The Toot!

I am one of the millions of Americans who suffers from allergies. In fact, I am very allergic to my cat, The Toot. I didn’t have any problems when we first adopted him, but within a year, it was obvious—constant sneezing, wheezing, sinus infections, etc. My allergist confirmed I had a cat allergy and suggested […]

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