Can a Rug Doctor be Used for a Cleaning Business?

If you are thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business or if you are looking for a new carpet cleaner for your established business, you might want to give serious consideration to adding a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner to your stable. While Rug Doctor carpet cleaners are made for residential use, they also offer the power of a pro. In fact, the Mighty Pro line of Rug Doctors is already being used by thousands of cleaning professionals around the country.

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro carpet cleaner is a popular choice among professionals for many reasons. For one, the Mighty Pro is affordable. While most commercial carpet cleaning machines are in the thousand dollar price range, the Mighty Pro is far more reasonably priced. At the same time, the Mighty Pro is made with a proven commercial design that cuts down deep into the carpet and removes the grime. In fact, the Rug Doctor is capable of removing allergens, bacteria and dust mites, leaving behind a cleaner carpet as well as better indoor air quality.

In addition to being powerfully efficient and durable, the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is also easy to move and to maneuver. Thanks to the light weight of the machine, carpet cleaners can easily transfer the machine from one home or business to the next. Since the Mighty Pro is made with the same construction used for the rental units, cleaning professionals can take comfort in knowing the machine can withstand the abuse of daily use.

Whether you are a professional who is looking for a great machine for carpet cleaning or you are a homeowner who wants a quality do-it-yourself cleaner, Rug Doctor has what you need. Visit the Rug Doctor website to learn more about this incredible machine and to buy one for your home or business.

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