8 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Own Carpets

Are you trying to decide between hiring a professional and cleaning your own carpets? While hiring a professional may seem like the most convenient option, there are actually many reasons why you should clean your own carpets rather than hiring someone to do the job.

Reason #1: Save Money

One benefit to cleaning your own carpets is the fact that you can save a significant amount of money. In fact, when you purchase a professional-grade carpet cleaner such as the Rug Doctor, you will spend less money on the purchase than you would hiring a professional to do the job.

Reason #2: Make it More Convenient

It may seem more convenient to hire a professional to do the job, but doing it yourself can actually be more convenient in a number of ways. After all, when you hire a professional, you need to schedule a time that works for the cleaning company. When you do the job yourself, on the other hand, you can clean your carpet at any time that is convenient for you  and you don’t have to wait at home for someone to show up.

Reason #3: Keep Strangers Out of Your Home

Let’s face it, inviting a stranger into your home can be unnerving. When you do the job yourself, you don’t have to let a complete stranger into your home in order to clean your carpets.

Reason #4: Do as Much or as Little as Necessary

When hiring a professional cleaning service, you may be obligated to have a minimum amount of cleaning completed. When you do it yourself, however, you can clean as much or as little of your carpeting as necessary. Why hire a cleaning service to clean your entire house when you just  have one spot that needs to be removed?

Reason #5: Help Your Carpet Last Longer

Due to the inconvenience associated with hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, you may not have your carpets cleaned as frequently as they should be. When you rent or purchase a carpet cleaner, however, you are more likely to clean your carpet on a regular basis, which will help to extend the life of your carpet.

Reason #6: Keep Your Home Healthy

Regular carpet cleaning is a necessary component to keeping your house healthy, as cleaning your carpet removes allergens, bacteria and dust mites. Again, the convenience of doing the job yourself will ensure that your carpet gets cleaned more frequently, which will help keep your home healthier for you and your family.

Reason #7:  Do It How You Like It

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, the company will perform the cleaning according to its routine. Unfortunately, this routine may not be well-suited to your individual needs. When you do the job yourself, you can be sure it is done the way you like it.

Reason #8: Get a Workout

Doing housework is a great way to give your body a workout. By cleaning your carpet on your own, you can get a little extra exercise in your life. Not only is this good for the body, but it is good for the spirit as well!

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  1. Robyn E. March 24, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Gives a great feeling of accomplishment & saving money !

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