Rug Doctor’s New Machine Saves the Holiday

When I found out my in-laws were coming to stay with us last Thanksgiving, immediately I thought of the recent carpet stains in my kids’ rooms.  Luckily, as an employee of Rug Doctor, I was given the opportunity to try out and test one of our new Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner machines. In taking […]

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Take a Load off, Fanny: April 7 is No Housework Day!

We all love keeping our homes clean and organized, but everyone needs a break sometimes. Thank goodness for No Housework Day! Though we don’t know exactly how No Housework Day came to be, I’m sure we can all agree it was a great idea. Put down the mop, dust cloth and rubber gloves for 24 […]

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Spring Allergens: How Rug Doctor Can Help

Spring is finally upon us and while we get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, we also need to combat spring allergens so we can enjoy all the wonders of the season. Many families love spending time outside enjoying the new warmer weather, but it’s easy for some to get bogged […]

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Gear up for the Final Four next week with a themed soiree!

Whether or not you’re a basketball fan, March Madness® definitely takes a hold this time of year. We’re actually hosting the Final Four here in the great state of Texas April 5 and 7! While we may not all be able to cheer on the teams remaining in person, we can always put on a […]

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Why Rug Doctor’s Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner is my Favorite Product

My husband and I are the proud pet parents of four dogs. Naturally, Rug Doctor is a friend of ours! Growing up in Texas, we have used Rug Doctor rental machines and products for many years. Rug Doctor offers the best deep-down carpet cleaning solutions and my favorite product is the Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner. […]

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As you Spring Forward, get your Spring Cleaning in Order!

It was time to “spring forward” Sunday by setting our clocks an hour later.  The bad news: we lost an hour; the good news: we were able to enjoy a little more daylight!  This week, let’s keep the momentum going and spring into our spring cleaning.  Though the official start of spring is not until […]

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Clean Beyond the Carpet

Cleaning carpet can go a long way in making homes feel neat and welcoming, but taking proper care of other areas in the home is just as important. To make sure visitors feel welcome, it’s important to pay as much attention to things such as upholstery and mattresses as carpet. Upholstery and curtains: Where are […]

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How to Stay Organized

Life can be an exciting whirlwind of activity, but sometimes that whirlwind can get a bit messy and clutter from our routine can take over our favorite spaces. Untidy surroundings can easily sidetrack us from spending time on important things like projects and hobbies or enjoying family and friends. Thankfully, organizing our homes can be […]

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Out with Winter Stains

It is precisely one month until spring begins on March 20, and with that in mind – why not make sure your home is ready for spring festivities? During the winter, we track in mud, snow, snow salt and more via people and pets alike. If you haven’t already, make a point to put an […]

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Guest Post – Paris Permenter and John Bigley: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Furry Ways

February is undoubtedly the month of love—and that love takes many forms. Cupid’s arrow doesn’t only strike us in relation to our two-legged family members, it extends to the love we feel for our four-legged furry friends as well. Thanks to Valentine’s Day and, on February 20, Love Your Pet Day, we’ve all got plenty […]

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